Our dearest ClaireWhat can we say? It’s been quite a ride! Two years in the making! Oli and I were at Experimental last week and reminisced of the day we first met you. Our jaws hit the floor and we have been your loyal groupies ever since. It’s very rare that you find someone who is not only insanely talented, but who is also the kindest person you could ever hope to meet. You have taken every request with a smile (and there have been A LOT!). Nothing has ever been too much trouble. You always prioritised our special day; how can we begin to thank you for that? Back this time last year, we almost didn’t get you as you were booked on our wedding date. But you moved heaven and earth to be there for us and we are so glad. It wouldn’t have been what it was without you.And as for me, you built my confidence when I had none. You encouraged me to face my fears and do something I hadn’t done in years. Singing with you was a highlight and an honour. Thank you for making me feel so at ease. Thank you for your time in learning and recording backing tracks for me to practice with. And thank you for believing that I could do it. When we think of Ibiza, it’s your music we hear.Have a great summer. We’re missing that beautiful island already. 

All our love, 

Lou & Oli xx

Lou and Oli

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Claire for kicking of our wedding celebrations with an amazing celebratory POP! Like a bottle of the finest Champagne, the entertainment you provided was both delightful, bubbly , sophisticated and classy leaving everybody swaying, smiling and definitely wanting more! If only you could’ve stayed all night!

Huge love,

Sarah & Emile xx

Sarah and Emile